Peace crafts for kids

Children are so intelligent, on their early ages, you can easily teach them good ideas about life, and make them more aware of it, this will develop them regularly with high potential for respecting human life and ethics on the long run.

One of the concepts you ought to teach your child about is Peace, while we live in a world that already full of troubles and challenges; this concept is needed the most, as we want to have a better future for our next generations in this world. Continue reading Peace crafts for kids

Justice in our Time

The Idea of Justice in our Time

Justice is a huge concept that has many different points of view through human eyes and minds.

Sometimes you could see an act that is defined by yourself as an act of justice, but others would see it as an act of oppression.

Through ages, humans made a lot of progress and evolutions, justice was a variable thing through the ages of mankind, humans made laws, they defined wrong and right, some of these were based on religious views, others were based on morals and traditions. Continue reading The Idea of Justice in our Time

The Mbororo ethnic group


The Mbororo ethnic group

The Mbororo are a subgroup of the Fulani, a large ethnic group living in West and Central Africa. Nowadays Mbororo are also to be found in countries in East Africa. The Mbororo, together with the Wodaabe of Niger, are the only Fulani that still (though partly) maintain their traditional way of livelihood through pastoral nomadism. This way of living causes conflicts with the sedentary farming peoples. More land is being used for agriculture as the farming population of West Africa is rapidly growing. This results in less grazing grounds for the cattle of the Mbororo, and thus more and often violent clashes with the sedentary population. The Mbororo’s attitude derived from the cultural notion of ‘pulaaku’ is to keep distance to others. Continue reading Mbororo