Peace crafts for kids

Children are so intelligent, on their early ages, you can easily teach them good ideas about life, and make them more aware of it, this will develop them regularly with high potential for respecting human life and ethics on the long run.

One of the concepts you ought to teach your child about is Peace, while we live in a world that already full of troubles and challenges; this concept is needed the most, as we want to have a better future for our next generations in this world.

The handmade crafts is a brilliant way to teach children about peace, it enhances their creativity, unleash their brain power, and induct cooperation on their act, especially doing these projects with friends or other family members.

Today we have collected for you some Peace crafts that suitable for children on all ages:

  • Peace Dove:

A dove is a common peace symbol, these creatures is associated with human`s concept for peace from a long time ago. Also this craft is very easy to do for your child by himself, you will need only a simple paper and a scissor.


Peace Dove


  • Paper Plat Dream Catchers:

On the Native American Indians` culture; a Dream Catcher gives a good night sleeping and nice dreams for the place it hanged in, this is a detailed project and requires a supervision to aid the child while doing it, so happy crafting!

Paper Plat Dream Catchers


  • Friendship Bracelets:

Children love items related to friendship, as they get to share them with their close friends, and also it can be made by a group of friends too!

A friendship bracelet can be made of various materials, in different shapes and colors, let us check together this easy project:

Video: How to Make DIY Friendship Bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets


  • Paper Chain of Kindness:

This is an awesome project to express good morals on a paper decoration, you can make it with your child, as it need more attention for details, especially to the written words on the chain`s circles.

Paper Chain of Kindness


  • Peace Dove (Various materials):

This is another DIY project for Peace dove, this one is different from the one we mentioned above, because it can be made as a group activity, and of course children are the main makers.

Peace Dove (Various materials)