Justice in our Time

The Idea of Justice in our Time

Justice is a huge concept that has many different points of view through human eyes and minds.

Sometimes you could see an act that is defined by yourself as an act of justice, but others would see it as an act of oppression.

Through ages, humans made a lot of progress and evolutions, justice was a variable thing through the ages of mankind, humans made laws, they defined wrong and right, some of these were based on religious views, others were based on morals and traditions.

But science and knowledge always remind us that human thoughts are very limited, even with our advanced discoveries that reached the skies and beyond, and even with the fast life`s changes in the modern age world of our time.

Usually humans make rules and transform them into laws, based on simple facts that are needed for mankind to continue living in peace and harmony, these facts such as safety, freedom, nutrition, health, and learning.

Over ages, humans made laws, laws became progressive, as humans change and adapt them due to the changing of concepts and ideas of mankind.

  • Our today`s world:

The world today has many crisis, and each nation has its own troubles and sufferings, but also there are common crises which are everywhere in the entire world, such as the environmental crisis, the financial crisis, the trembling of relations between nations, poverty and hunger, the unemployment troubles, and terrorism.

  • Justice: is it a solution to our problems?

As we said before justice has many faces, and for a human act of justice; you can start a war in one place of the world, and for another act you could establish peace in another place. Human Justice is variable.

Also equity in certain situations can lead to oppression, and for what is worse; it can lead to certain amount of depressions between people, people are different than each other, some have certain skills more than others, personalities are different and everybody has got his own point of view, and human minds are tricky.

A good solution is to find a common agreement that can benefits most human lives on a certain aspect, and that could lead them to live in a harmony and peace. But this is too hard to apply, considering the human nature.

With the advancing thinking and the evolution of knowledge; human nowadays are making many efforts to reach for peace and harmony through modern agreements and laws, each day mankind tends to learn new things, we pass through crises, we suffer sometimes, we endure pain, and by believing in a better world for tomorrow; our life on earth continues.

  • What other concepts to consider besides justice?

Justice is a great concept when applied the right way, there is a common type of justice, it is already defined by the right and wrong acts of human behaviors, but also we ought to think about other concepts that aid justice in our lives:

  • We learn to live together, we communicate to have better relations, which lead to a better life, as we also ought to endure these concepts to reach for our peace and harmony.
  • We are different than each other, life is not always about equity, it is about our acceptance to each other, and we must know the nature and the simple life`s rules; life must have failures and success, and it would be great if we use our differences to complete each other, we ought to see the complete pattern.
  • Mercy, forgiveness, cooperation, are valuable things to keep in mind while taking a decision or making an act.
  • Treatment and reforming are better than punishment on all aspects, a gentle hand and a firm mind you do better than any harmful act all the time.
  • Continue learning, enhancing ourselves with knowledge, discovering each other differences would make us better humans and souls.
  • Understanding each other perspectives, and for a good way to do that is to put yourself in the place of your opposite, and think about what you will act when you have his role.